Application letter, Alessia

Alessia Cuppone

Via *******

Cesenatico, Italy

+39 **********


Dear Mr Boffi,

I am writing to express my interest about the job of European project manager. I am an high school student from Italy, and I study english, french (which I speak fluently) and russian.

I have had several working experiences, an example could be the three-weeks volounteering camp I did two years ago in South Africa. There I learnt how to adapt myself in new places and in completely new situations, I also discovered a new different culture. This experience helped me understand the real value of people, money and things. Another working experience could be my part-time job in a travel agency last year where I improved my skills on planning and organising, more specifically about trips. Furthermore right now I am at the end of my three-weeks journey in Bruxelles where I am learning about Europe, economy and politics.

I think I could be a great candidate thanks to my skills which I already had but that improved in the past few years thanks to all the activities I have done. I am a very determined person and I always know what I want, I am extremely organised, I love and try to plan everything perfectly, I also try to finish my assignments before the deadline because I can’t stand incomplete things. I am hard-working and sensitive, thanks to my volunteering camp. I hope to get this work place in your company because I would like to help people and improve the European system to give to the children a better future. I would also like to train my languages and travel so that I could improve them and discover new cultures and new people.


Alessia Cuppone


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