Cover letter, Annamaria

Nella giornata di oggi abbiamo fatto pratica con i colloqui di lavoro in lingua inglese e la lettera motivazionale così da farci fare pratica e introdursi al mondo del lavoro.

July 1st 2019
Anna Maria Bellettini
Via ***,
***, Italia, ***
+39 ***

Dear Mr. Boffi,
I am writing to express my interest in the job of European project manager.
My name is Anna Maria Bellettini and I live in Italy. I attended for 5 years the “Liceo Linguistico Ilaria Alpi” in Cesena, where I studied English, Spanish and Russian. Furthermore, my mother is portugues and, for that reason, I also speak Portuguese fluently, and obviously, I speak Italian. I like knowing new people and interact with different cultures.

In my opinion, this job will be very helpful and will make me understand and learn a lot about the European Union and how it works.
It will touch me how to manage projects between different people from several culture, with different ideas, to achieve a common goal. I will also have the opportunity to express my ideas and suggest new projects.

Thanks to my previous experiences as representative and costumer, I learnt how to handle stress, take responsibility and respect, which I think is very important for teamwork. I am also hardworking and reliable.

I am really interested in this job and in my opinion my assumption woUlf be beneficial for both. Thank you for the consideration, I look forward to hearing from you.
Anna Maria Bellettini


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